Status ‘single’

Reading through my facebook profile I noticed a funny thing: there is a tiny heart and word ‘single’ next to it. Heart. Single.


I understand what it means, I am not that daft. However, what I am getting at is the fact that it is either my heart is single or I only have one heart or… I am getting daft by the minute.

I am single. Really? Am I? It’s a question and a half. I have my daughter with me 24/7. I have my parents as well. I have my house, my home. I have my pets. I have my friends. I have my job and many other things I do. Am I still single? Why? What does it mean?

Am I single in terms of ‘lonely’? I do not think so.

Am I single in terms the society put on us as a form of sorting humans one group to another. I just love some market research-type questions: are you single/married/divorced/separated/widowed. Any other options? Nope.


What if I was as lonely as an iceberg when I was married?

What if I was the happiest on the day of my divorce?

What if I am happy now?

What about happy/unsatisfied/satisfied/miserable/stressed out/kill me now options for relationship status? You can add yours if you like.


Status single.

Am I available? Am I so sad and miserable that people are better of staying away? Am I achiever? Am I failure?


A question and a bit. A question that will remain unanswered.

I am single and am waiting for a miracle… What do they say about miracles?________


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