Princessly Poor Choices. Part 2


In Princessly Poor Choices Part 1 I tried to share my take on famous Disney Princesses and their love and life choices. Now, at 42 and being as jaded as I am, I see those beautiful girls in amazingly sparkling dresses and tiaras from a very different angle.

Here is my take on more Princesses


ariel What a dream? She is a mermaid. I would give so much to be mermaid. Sometimes I think my legs hurt that much because I was a mermaid in my previous life… Well, she was a Mermaid and did not like it. She wanted something impossible. Ariel wanted to be somewhere else and to be somebody else.

This unattainable dream played a dirty trick on Underwater Princess. She lost her home, her family, her throne, her voice for God’s sake. She lost everything to gain what exactly? A pair of legs?

Remember what happened to her? She was suffocating on the shore. She could not walk as she did not know how. Ariel could not speak, could not defend herself. Princess found herself disabled, mute, defenseless and unloved. Ariel was in the pity of whoever met her first. Not a very nice situation, don’t you think?

Ariel even almost lost her Prince to women’s tricks (yeah, right, you don’t need to be an evil sorceress to play tricks like that. Stealing boyfriends is a very human behaviour).

Moreover, if you remember the original Mermaid story… it did not end well. However, Disney is all for Happy Endings. Ariel found her Prince and they lived happily ever after (like most of the Princesses supposed to). But, a question remains, what about choices? Would she be happy for the rest of her life forsaking what she is and what she knows and loves? Would he be grateful? Would he love her still if she decided to change again?…

jasminIn short, a super-rich Princess marries a THIEF. I do not think I need to say more on the subject.

In what Universe a father would want his only daughter end up with a criminal? Jasmin marries a thief and a hobo. Aladdin is a go-easy guy who doe absolutely nothing but rubs an old lamp. Yeah, right. A Princess marries a man who is absolutely useless…


pocahontasWhere shall I start? Moving countries, continents, worlds for the sake of a man (Mr Smith) who… well, how shall I put it, forgot all about her. Yes, Pocahontas did find love in the second installment of the film. However, she did find love after getting her heart broken and her dreams shattered.

mulanWell, in Mulan’s case I do not even remember her marring her brave general. It is not important, not at all. What’s important is that Mulan lived, fought, conquered and fought some more. Mulan made her own choices, built her own life and fate. Waiting for a man, getting married and living happily ever after was not the sole point of her life.

Mulan went against her own family and community, society and culture. She became an outsider, an outcast. A ‘Princess’ became a soldier. And she was happy in that, wasn’t she…


braveIt’s getting warmer. It’s getting better. Merida from “Brave” is the first Princess who does not dance off into sunset dressed in virgin white with some dashing Prince Charming. Merida is all for family, honour, strength and courage.

Merida is strong enough to change her family’s mind…



A frog? Really, a frog? I am scared of these creatures, aren’t you? A dream, a restaurant, a future – this is more like it, but a frog?

Yes, Tiana does turn her Frog into a Prince, so to speak. She turns a spoiled brat into a husband material. Tiana reaches her dream and… becomes a Princess. But to kiss a frog to get there? Remember what the witch said to Tiana?… exactly. We always make things harder than they should be…


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