Princessly Poor Choices. Part 3

This is the third and final installment in my Princessly Poor Choices Series (Part 1 and Part 2 are here )

There are are much more Princesses around and way much more ‘poor’ choices they’ve made. Well, it is all nice and good in retrospective, isn’t it.


rapunzelA girl with magic gold hair falls for… wait for it… not again… THIEF. He is handsome, brave and cheeky, but he is still a Criminal.

Rapunzel finds herself used and abused for her hair. She is a hostage to a broken promise of her parents. She is a hostage to unfulfilled needs of a witch. Then, Rapunzel is a hostage to… her own hair.

Eventually, Rapunzel finds happiness with her parents, bossing her ex-Thief boyfriend around and… with a very short haircut


Hurray, finally. Two Princesses that did not need a Prince Charming to save them or to make them happy. Two Princesses that do not ride into sunset on the back seat. Anna and Elsa are sisters, are friends, are fighters, survivors and all around winners.

Even making Princessly Poor Choices, those two find their way out with. They are beautiful, smart, brave, strong, talented and powerful fairy tale girls.

LET IT GO is a catch cry of late for all the girls out there. Dressing up as Elsa does not mean the same thing as dressing up as Snow White, don’t you think?

Well, it looks like I’ve run over all Disney Princesses with my sarcastic and jaded roll of a pen… They might have deserved and they might have not. However, in our day and age (Age of Pieces) everything is open to interpretation. This is mine at my day and age of now…


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