Trust is so overrated

What is Trust? What does it mean? What does it mean for you? What does it mean right here right now? At any given moment in your life? Trust as a whole? Trust in relation to a particular person?

Is Trust a universal concept? If so, it has to be one and only and the same at all times. But it is not. Never. Trust is as multi-faceted concept, phenomenon, feeling, emotion, even being as there are people on this planet.

trust.jpg With years, comes experience, they say. Right? May be. May be not. Personally, I tend to trust people when I first meet them. Unless, I can sense otherwise. This tendency of mine has given me a lot of headache and heartache over the years. Quite recent experiences have proven that I am an idiot, to put it bluntly. They, experiences, made me to come up with 4N rule.

For the purpose of this #DailyPost I’d like to share with my readers sort of a list of Trust’s features, barbs and positives.

  1. Trust NOONE. Yeah, right as if this is going to happen all the time and every time. We shall never forget that humans are social creatures. We want to be liked and we want to like people. We want and crave friends, followers, loves and admirers. We need to trust people around us, at least to some degree. Thus, this point is practically impossible
  2. Trust, once lost, can never be recovered. No comments necessary
  3. Trust can’t be a relative concept. It’s like you can’t be a little bit pregnant. You either trust a person or you don’t
  4. In situations when you know the truths it’s funny to listen to people lie… trust dies and rests in peace wp-1477978003752.jpg
  5. Trust has no place where money are concerned
  6. Trust yourself every time, all the time. Moreover, trust your intuition when it comes to trusting people
  7. Feelings and emotions do not mix well with trust and reliability
  8. I am not cold and calculating. I am grown up and experienced
  9. It’s so very hard to earn trust, but it’s so very easy to loose it.
  10. Learn your lessons and don’t repeat your mistakes (at least not many times)

When you trust people around you you relax, you drop your guard, you become vulnerable. There are only a very few people in a person’s life that allow him/her to be vulnerable. There are only a few people like that in my life. Being a very social, sensitive and trusting by nature, I am reaching to people, searching, aching and craving only… to loose my trust all over again…

Respect, appreciation, recognition are good and wonderful feelings and emotions. Share them around, shower people with them. Trust… trust is an animal better let run free. Don’t tame it. It will either tame itself and come to you or not…


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