Time to Burn Bridges


The Bridge is to be burnt when:

  • when you are ABSOLUTELY sure that this is your only option
  • when your life depends on it
  • when you don’t want those ‘on the other side’ ever to cross back into your life
  • when you have hopes and dreams for something better ahead
  • when being on the bridge sucks the life out of you
  • when you’ve given 100 chances to keep the bridge going
  • when you are so mad you can’t be held responsible for your actions

Once the Bridge is burnt there is no return. There is no undoing. There is no repairs to be done. There is no ‘what if’. There is nothing. There are only cinders and ashes. Be sure, be absolutely sure before you burn the bridge.

However, there are instances in life when you ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO BURN THAT DAMN BRIDGE.

  • when it is something that is holding you back
  • when it is a connection to another person that is only in your head
  • when it is one-way street
  • when it is painful to continue and painful to stop
  • when it is..

Do it for yourself. Do it for your sanity. Burn that bridge. Burn it to the ground. Burn it completely. Make sure there is no stick nor stone left. Make sure that smoke is so dense and so high in the sky that you can’t see your way back.



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