Call me crazy but I write

Mum and I are watching Russian mini-series Таинственная страсть (Hidden Passion – my translation) based on the novel by Vasily Aksyonov with the same name. It’s a semi-fictitious story about a group of shestidesyatniki (60s youth) – super-talented, popular, extra-sensitive, sharp-tongued but naive and free young men and women who were to become names in the Soviet and Russian and world…

New Moon wishing to 800 words

There is a belief that the New Moon is the best time to make your wishes for the month ahead. There are very specific rules as to how you have to make those wishes. The only ones I remember are you need to write them all down. There should not be more than eight wishes….

2016 as it was: Books

If you are like me, you are probably a member of a huge number of bookstores, book selling sites and book review groups. I am guilty as charged. I am a member of Australian sites, American, British and Russian as well. I love books and they love me. Every day I read an article or…

Christmas 2016: Крылышки Рождественского Ангелочка

Дело не в размере крыльев, а в их хозяевах» Высказывание. Мое. В королевстве рыжых девочек, которым руководит если не правит Инфантик Ириска, прибавление. К ним вчера залетел совершенно неожиданно, то есть почти случайно, рождественский Ангелочек. Девочка. Конечно же девочка. Девочка с рыжими мечтательными косами, со вздернутым носиком и с глазами, которые смотрят только в небо….