New Moon wishing to 800 words

new moon wishing.jpg

There is a belief that the New Moon is the best time to make your wishes for the month ahead. There are very specific rules as to how you have to make those wishes. The only ones I remember are you need to write them all down. There should not be more than eight wishes. And all wishes should be about you, not other people.

Keeping this in mind and watching the clock (there is a specific time in the day you have to do your wishing) I sat down to watch, wait for it, 800 words. 800 words is Australian-made tv series about a family going through major changes: death, selling family home, immigration, travel and moving – all at the same time. It is about new beginning, new wishes if you like.


800 words is, in a way, my New Moon wishing. I have, like the main character, lost quite a few near and dear this year. I have lost many ‘friends’ and ‘acquaintances’. I have felt in and out of love. I have fallen, crashed, fallen again and been betrayed one too many times this year. It is time for 800 words wishing.

So what do I wish for this New Moon? Do I go ‘Miss World’ and wish for peace in the whole wide world? Or do I get all ‘Fandorin’ and wish for peace and quiet in my own little universe? Do I strive for greatness or to remain in shadows? I can wish for love, but that involves one more other person. I can wish for health, but it is not a wish, it is a plan – to look after myself. I can write down something about material things, but these are not wishing again. Or may be I can wish for the stars and Moon above and aim at something unattainable, something I have been wanting, aching for but was too afraid to wish, to plan, to go for.

May be I would do just that. May be I would write down in minute and precise detail what it is that I really want in this life, no matter how scary the journey seems to be. I can take a pen, a blue pen for wishing, a nice notebook, I have many of those, and start writing what it will be like when I will get there. I do not care about ‘how’ just yet. It seems too complicated, too risky, too uncertain. I want to see myself where I want to be not where I need to be. I want to see myself in my own Neverland.

If George could do it, why can’t I? If he could sell his home, uproot himself and his children, buy a house on the internet and move to another country just on a slim chance that they ‘will start living again’ after the loss of their mother and wife, why can’t make a first step on the winding road to my Neverland? I most certainly can. I can definitely write it through.

Thus, having written my New Moon wishes for 2017, I continue to watch 800 for more inspiration, support, encouragement and tips on how to and where to from here.

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