For the love of… BOOKS

Good afternoon, World.

I got a present today. I got a wonderful attention tidbit from my amazing friend. It is special. It is special because my friend knows me so well and remembers me even when she is on holiday in Bali and is lazy to n-th degree (where n-th degree means lazy to be lazy)

люблю книги.jpg

She knows I love books. She knows I write. She knows I will never grow up. Me, an eternal dreamer can make up lots of ‘why’ for this gift. The most important thing is, this image defines me.

I can do so much for the love of books. I can do so much because I love books. I’ve done and did and overcame and conquered so bloody much because of books. My book, the one in the works, is a statement to that (watch this space).

For the love of books

  • I travel the world
  • I spend heaps of money on postage from Russia and Europe
  • When I plan my travels I always look up ‘the best bookshops to visit at…’
  • I buy bookcases
  • I cull my stuff to make more space in my bookcases
  • I join all the book clubs I can find
  • I have memberships at several book stores
  • I cut on sleep
  • I stay home when I can go out
  • I have a million of bookmarks
  • I have special book covers and I buy more of them every time I find some
  • I travel to Book Festivals and buy more books
  • I choose books over shoes

For the love of books, one day, I will write the book I’d like to read, book that has not been written yet.

Watch this space

What would you do for the love of books


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