The Greatest ____ in the world: Place

Good morning, World

1378358_987415414620772_7873187172332492553_n   We are off into 2017. We are back on track. Daily Prompt/Daily Post are up an running on our pages. Please feel free to browse, read and comment. Much appreciated.

Today’s Daily Post is on THE GREATEST IN THE WORLD.

The Greatest _______ in the World is a huge list. It’s a never-ending, never-stopping ranking system. The greatness is measures in all sorts of ways. The greatness is a subjective notion and term.

I will try to come up with my list of THE GREATEST. Here is the first.

I sat down and I tried to think of THE GREATEST PLACE IN THE WORLD… I have been to many places, countries, continents. I visited my home town as a tourist. I saw the places that I do not want to see again. I fell in love with some places so much I can’t wait to visit them more.

Also, I have tried to run away from my problems, anxiety, worries, fears. I tried to run to the ocean, to the mountains. I was looking for peace and quiet. I wanted to restore, to recover, to re-start. I tried all my favourite hide-outs only to realise it was pointless.


No matter how much you want to run away, you won’t run away from yourself. No matter where you go, YOU go with you. You can’t leave YOU behind.

Thus, my pearl of wisdom for today will be THE GREATEST PLACE IN THE WORLD is where you are right now. Period. Full stop.

Enjoy. Marvel. Love it. Live it. Be your best. Be your worst. Be you. You make the place


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