Books – Charity Box

Dear Reader,

Please do not think me to be snobbish or awful human being when I tell you that I have a huge pile of books that I call ‘Charity Box’. Theses books are to be read and given away to charity, library, friends or facebook requests. Yes, you’ve heard me write, me, who loves books to no end, who hoards book all her life, giving books away.

Experience has shown that there are books to be kept: to be re-read, to be referred to, to be passed over to children and grandchildren and to be called ‘prized collection. But there are books to be read and forgotten, to be read and given away.

There is no way in this life I will throw books away. Thus, I am giving them away.

Lately, I’ve given away a whole big collection of James Patterson books. I’ve read them all. Now let somebody else to read them.

The other day, I’ve decided to clean yet another bookshelf full of James Patterson’s novels. As it turned out I have not read most of them. So, I separated them from the ones I am giving away and put them aside to be read.

I honestly forgot what it is like to read Patterson. Now I am remembering. I will be reading books from my ‘Charity Box’ and reviewing them here in my blog.

Feel free to add your ideas for the books you’d put in ‘Charity Box’

Hope to hear from you soon

Take care

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