Short Thoughts. Volume 1: Wife Question

I was on the train today, going through my Facebook newsfeed, reading articles and comments from my friends. One article caught my attention and I even commented on it… It does not matter what the topic was. What matter is, this article made me think…

If I ever get married, I will be A BAD WIFE. Really. Truly. Honestly.


I will suck at it. I will never be able to put up with crap and socks all over the house. I will not devote myself to housework. I will bot be able to cook, clean, cook and clean some more all the time and be bright and sparkly every night for my husband. My, I will not be there every night in the first place.

I realised with some shock, of course, that I am not wifey material. Not at all. I am too set in my ways. I am too independent. I am too… I am too content and complete, I guess.

It’s too bad. I sigh. I shake my head and I even get sad. Sometimes I really really want to be married. But…

stepford-wives I will never be them. I will be a bad wife.

How about an add ‘if you are looking for a bad wife…’ and add criteria as they come along.

What do you think?

What makes a good wife nowdays?

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