Books to read in March – LitHub suggestion

Dear Reader,

Are you reading? Are you reading my blog? Are you reading a book this month? What book is it? Are you, like me, reading several books at the same time?

Well, I can share my reading list with you

  • Death at La Fenice by Donna Leon – I reserve my judgement for now – on e-reader
  • Cross by James Patteson – paperback – from my pile of ‘Charity Box Books’
  • Family Skeleton by Carmel Bird – paperback

Well, this is it for now.

However, I am always open for suggestions. And there are many. Everyday my newsfeed brings me numerous book lists and suggestions as to what is hot, what is good and what is in the trend.

One of such a list is the one provided by LitHub: 14 books to read this month

I quickly looked through this list. One and only book that caught my attention was Mikhail and Margarita by Julie Lekstrom Himes


This book is a timely gem. Since the promise of “the gulag” seems to be in the future of many, this is a must read. Bulgakov, Mandelstam, women’s rights, oppression, love, and artistic suppression provide a backbone from which this wonderful debut takes shape. Read it, and then (re)read The Master and Margarita, for an extremely rewarding few days.

–Lucy Kogler, Lit Hub columnist

Well, this is it from me for now. I will keep you posted as to my reading progress. Mind you, by TBR (to be read) pile is not getting any smaller…

Feel free to share your reading suggestions… if you brave enough)))

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