Short Thoughts: Volume 2 – Pretty Faces

Today we had a staff meeting. I sat there looking around the room, as one does. A thought hit me, literally. When do we stop being fascinated by pretty faces? When do pretty faces stop being important to us? When does the time come for us to move on beyond or even away from pretty faces?

  • Is it age?
  • Is it experience?
  • Is it a matter of personal taste?
  • Is it aesthetics that we develop as we move along our lives?
  • What is it? Can you answer me, please?

When do we stop liking this?

And move on to something like this?


Or feel weak at the knees for ‘serve and protect’?


Or may be, just may be, we turn to something deep, meaningful and artistic (or so we think)


Well, being a woman, this is my perspective.

Do you have a take on this?

Please share







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