(Pre) Post 21st March

Dear Diary,

I keep coming back to you. I keep leaving you behind. I start writing my thoughts down and then I forget to do so. I am being reminded that keeping a diary is a good idea every now and then… But then, life happens and I forget.

Anyhow, I am reading Bridget Jones Diary at the moment and, surprise-surprise, am thinking that getting back into diary-writing routine is a fabulous idea, idea of the day.

Plus, my mum just reminded me that 21st March is coming.  21st March – Day of Spring Solstice (for the northern hemisphere that is) and Autumn for us, Antipodes. This day is an important threshold, a start, a turning point. It’s the best time to start something great and lasting.

Well, we’ll see about that.

keeping journal

Being a lazy researcher, but researcher indeed, I tried to look around for some background and proof that keeping a diary (or journal) is good for you. I am not talking materialistic merit here. I am not praising money-making opportunities. What I am getting at is why keeping a journal/diary is actually good for you as a person

Google came to the rescue, yet again. When googling ‘why keeping a diary is good for you’, I came up with 21,700,000 results. Impressive, don’t you think?

Why you should keep a journal question is answered by Allan Henry (lifehack) and Peggy Nolan from Huffington Post provides 26 reasons why I keep a Journal.

If you are still thinking and weighing up pros and cons of keeping a journal, Thai Nguyen can give you 10 surprising benefits you get from keeping a journal .

Being a lazy writer/researcher I took so long to put out this post that 21st March has been and gone. I made my wishes, cleaned out my wardrobe. I even cleaned out garage and shed. However, I am still to become persistent and regular when it comes to journal-keeping.

No matter how many times I tell myself ‘write’. No matter how many beautiful journals and notebooks I buy, I can’t bring myself to write something every single day.

Can you? Share your insights with me, please, pretty please…



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