Buffy turns 20

Today, once again, I was reminded that my all-time favourite TV show turned 20. Did it make me feel old? Not at all. It made me reminisce.

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When and why did I start watching Buffy The Vampire Slayer?

  • I did not liked the original movie. I only watched it for Luke Perry whom I loved from Beverly Hills 90210. So, I do not know, really, why I started watching the TV show. I guess it was ‘a thing’ at that time. Everybody was watching it. So, I gave it a go.

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What is it about Buffy I love the most?

  • In one word, SPIKE. Really, honestly, truly. I absolutely love the horrible, blood-thirsty British hunk. I do and always will

i (7) When it comes to Angel (another gorgeous vampire), I feel mostly sad for him. Spike, however, is another story. He is invincible, unstoppable and unshakable.

Why did I watch it to the end, taped it and am re-watching the show every now and then?

  • I love it and always will. It’s par of me, part of my youth and growing up. It’s my nostalgia. Also, it is fun. It is really big fun. As I grow older many things, characters, plot lines, dialogues look different. Some get deeper meaning, some feel outright ridiculous and made up. However, Buffy will always be Buffy, the girl and the show. My favourite

20 years on, I can honestly say that I lived through all 7 seasons of Buffy. I started to watch Bones only because David Boreanaz was there (Angel).

i (8) My daughter knows the soundtrack to Buffy and Angel from the time she was in my womb (and she actually likes it).

What are your Buffy moments? Share them around. It’s a celebration

Buffy turns 20

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