It’s Time to Say Good Bye: Rizzoli & Isles

download Dear Readers,

I won’t open a Pandora Box for you (people from USA already know it) when I say that last night I watched the last ever episode of one of my favourites – Rizzoli & Isles (R&I)

R&I is a crime show set in Boston, rather Boston Police HQ. It run over 7 seasons to varied success and rating. And now the time has come to say final good byes.

Creators worked really hard and careful on preparing fans and viewers for the closing credits. A few of the last episodes felt like THIS IS IT. However, only yesterday, the girls and the gang said their good byes. Open-ended good byes, mind you. Open to lots of possibilities. One of them being, shhhh, girls are going away together… No rest for the duo, I think.

My ramblings here are not about the show or it’s artistic or commercial merit. What I am trying to say and to share with you, my dearest is the sad or happy fact of saying good byes to our favourites.

Every one of us has their favourite TV show, character or program. There are many different ones at different times of our lives, on different channels and networks. Some of them we watched religiously, all episodes, all seasons. Some of them we would start watching, drop out and then pick up at some later stage. Some of them we re-watch again and again by ourselves, with our halves, with our kids.


I have to admit I have a few, quite a few that is. In case of R&I, I started watching it when it first came out in Australia. I watched 4 seasons religiously and then I stopped. I stopped mid-season 5. I have no idea why. I can’t tell you.

I picked up R&I again at Season 7 only because I found out it was the last season of the show ever. I wanted to see how it would end. I wanted to…

  • I wanted Rizzoli to get back with Casey
  • I wanted Isles to meet Mr Right
  • I wanted for everything in R&I world to be right…

I wanted happily ever after. A simple happy ending Hollywood/Disney style would have suited me just right. However, the creators of the show thought differently. And may be, just may be they were right.


  • Girls are happy where they are
  • They have new exciting adventures ahead of them
  • Their family and friends are settled and content with their respective lives and journeys
  • They, the show, have left an open ending or several to make sure fan-fiction has a field to roam. May be, just may be there will be a reunion at some stage (buffy-like, 20 years on).

I’m yet to decide what and how I feel about R&I ending and ending the way it did. It’s all too fresh in my mind. However, what I can say is there is one less good show on TV from now on. No point for me to stay up late on Sunday night (getting up at 6 am on Monday). May be it’s a blessing in disguise (sleep part). May be it’s a loss. May be it’s a nudge to keep reading Teri Gerristen books (R&I original story).

What do you think? Did you have to say good bye to R&I? Do you even care?

What are your favourites you had to say good bye too recently?

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