Short Thoughts: Volume 3 – Load Off?

Dear Diary,

Am I the only one or there are more like me? When something or someone is gone from your life, do you feel the load off?

Do you? Honestly? Truly? It means I am not a horrible, cold-hearted, jaded person I turned out to be (Story of Snow Queen). Please tell me there are more people like me.

  • Your friend is not a friend anymore and he/she is finally gone from your universe
  • A person completely and cleanly disappears from your life and you realise that it was only you holding on to the relationship.
  • A worry/ a problem suddenly disappears and you do not even know why

Load Off, isn’t it nice? Isn’t it light?

Carry on, continue my line of thinking… let me know what has taken a load off you lately…

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