Whoever screams the loudest…

Dear Diary,

Please use your universal wisdom and universal pool of brains and IQs to give me an answer.

The question being: Why some people think if they scream and shout and throw abuse around they will get out of any problem? That they will become ‘right’ no matter how wrong they are?

What am I on about? Well, we had an accident yesterday. A minor one, no major drama. The drama, however, developed between the other driver and… well, he tried to get me involved.

big-bad-wolf-1011-big_bad_wolf_k949.gifAll in all, he, like a big bad wolf, screamed and shouted, and threatened and screamed some more. Then, he and his brother resolved to phone threats… But it got them nowhere.

What were they hoping for?

What were they trying to achieve?

More troubles for themselves? I do not think so. I am more inclined to think that they were trying to scare me into submission… but what submission? Silly, really.

What are people aiming at when they behave ‘who creams the loudest is right’???

Any ideas?


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