Between Angel and Wesley choose… Spike

Dear Diary,

I am about to let you in on one of my tantalising if not ‘dirty’ secrets.

When it comes to Buffy’s men, my all-time favourite is Spike

i (7) Well, you tell me. How can you not love this bleach-haired Brit with such high cheekbones? How can you not ache for his jokes and sarcasm, his spare of the moment decisions and impulses to kill-to love-to kill again-to read poetry. Go figure

i (1)Yes, Spike is bad. Spike is very very bad. However, he is the one that lasted ALL 7 SEASONS. He did not leave. He did not abandon his yummy Sunnydale and Buffy and the gang. Yeah, initially he was the enemy. But…

He stayed. He survived. He overcame. He lasted and…


Spike got the girl in the end. All-mighty Champion of Undead Angel sulked off after Season 3 to do his own thing. Leaving all it so much easier for Spike to take his place.

Spike turned out to be the strongest, the most reliable ally Buffy could hope for. He knows her best sides but he knows her worst sides too. And he stayed. Buffy’s weaknesses made them both more human. Spike’s weaknesses made them more in sync.

Go figure.

This is my bit for daily prompt today. Spike rulllezz


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