Unrequited Love Elixir

Dear Diary,

Let the witch in me speak this part.

We all need this Elixir at some point in our lives

We all have suffered the ailment, the curse, the illness, the disease, the evil, the gift, the miracle of UNREQUITED LOVE.

Why do I say all of us? Just Google it. You will find millions and millions of quotes on unrequited love from the greats and unknowns. We, humans, are weak creatures. We need to belong, we need to love. We, people, are strong creatures. We need to hurt, we have to burn.

Sad-Unrequited-Love-Quotes-06 How very simple and clear. WILL NEVER LOVE YOU BACK. Live with it. Bite it and move on, why don’t you.

Some people even say that unrequited love is an illness not a true passion. They claim that only mutual love can be called a feeling, a passion… What do they know?

Magicians, Warlock, Witches and many other practitioners of other dimensions and realms have long been practicing ‘saving’ people from unrequited love for a fee. I will try and do it for free here. Because I can.

I’ll give you some pointers to live with if not by. They won’t heal you (if your love, even unrequited, is true), but they will make it bearable (in time)

Never forget that


Sometimes it is as simple as


If you are like me, you will understand the next point


Even if you decide this is it, you’ve had enough and HAVE TO heal and move on


Love won’t let you go… unless…







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