My Cat Did It…

Dear Diary,

Just when I was going to sit down and do quite a bit of soul searching and write a post on teenage suicide and how, as a parent, one has to deal with it (explain to your own teenage child how it happens, why and how to deal with the aftermath), my new cat Elizabeth The Only jumped on my desk, than stepped on the keyboard and sat down. She demanded attention. She ordered pat and cuddle. Who am I to resist?

So instead of very serious and heart-wrenching post on parenting and joys of it, I am writing a post on cats and joy that comes with having it (or them having us)… Yeah. Joy

Elizabeth The Only came into our lives when she was just 2 months old. She was given to us for free by my girlfriend. My mum and my daughter decided that we absolutely have to have a white fluffy kitten (on top of 13 year old collie and 14 year old cat). So who was I to refuse.


Elizabeth’s presence was noticeable and tangible (yuuk) from the moment she arrived.

  • the house became hers
  • everything in the house became hers
  • dog food, bowl, water, bed became hers
  • nothing could be left on the table or within her reach (will get it, bite it, eat it or play with it)

Dog was annoyed and upset all the time. She never had puppies. Thus, this little ball of white fluff with claws was something alien to our poor Ginger


However, dog gave in very soon and Elizabeth started using big fluffy animal as her own bed and cuddle.

Elizabeth tried to play with dog and with the old cat but the animals were not interested. So, kitten was left to entertain herself… and use her humans to do so

  • feet
  • hands
  • shoulders
  • hair
  • faces
  • hair

and all other body parts of all of us became Elizabeth’s toys of choice.

At the moment, she own us. She owns the house, the furniture, the food, the flowers, any paper/foil/plastic products she can sink her claws or teeth in.

Elizabeth The Only has chosen her humans. However, she is very adaptable. If her human (my daughter) is not at home, Elizabeth can cuddle up to me… It’s precious.


I can’t watch TV. I can’t work. I can’t write is Elizabeth wants attention.

Attention Now!!!

My Cat did it. She made me change my mind and write this light, fluffy and cheeky post instead of…

What did your cat do? What did your pet do to make you smile today?




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