V Day

Dear Diary,

For a Politics major I am very much unpolitical, non-political, out-of politics person. I respect the values I grew up with. Some of them will never change or sway, no matter what I hear or read in mass media nowdays.

V DAY – 9th May 1945 – we used to celebrate, we celebrate and we will celebrate as long as my blood runs in my descendants and further on.

V Day for me, personally, is the day to remember that there was this horrible, long, bloodthirsty war. This war finished. There were no winners or losers (there never are in any war). However, Hitler was stopped. He was thrown out of my country. My grandfathers and grandmothers came back (not all of them), still young and strong to build their lives.

Thanks to the V Day, my grandparents met and got married, my mum was born. Then, my parents met and I was born. I am thankful for that.

I am thankful for my great-grandparents stories, legacy and memories. They are to be celebrated, respected and remembered.

Today I will take my mum and my daughter to the V Day celebrations. There are not many veterans left, but their stories are precious and need to be heard and shared. They, veterans, deserve to be around young people to know that the story goes on.

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My great-grandparents (on mother’s side) met during the war (in evacuation)… Their story of war is the story of youth, survival, love and devotion, care and sacrifice. To hell with politics, don’t you think?

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