When “Night” is no longer “Fright”

Dear Diary,

I was watching The Originals last night and started thinking… vampire movies and/or TV series are not as scary as they once were. These pop.culture creations are no longer tagging the adrenalin strings in their audience…

Once upon a time there were

the likes of Fright Night and The Lost Boys. I was mesmerized and I was so very scared I could not sleep for many nights… but I could not stop watching. I even started to read on vampire mythology…

Then came

Buffy and Angel franchise. Vampires became lovable. I felt sorry for Angel. My heart ached for pain. Vampires and monsters of all kinds became more … ‘human’?

They were given sad back stories, emotions, feelings, loves and losses. Monsters were redeemed in so many ways and in so many eyes of audience all over the world for many seasons.

If that was not enough, Twilight Saga came upons us and divided us between Vampires and Werewolves. I know whom I have chosen in that creation… I betrayed my inclination for vampires only because Edward was so bloody boring.

In between Twilight Saga installments, bookstores and TV screens were graced with Sookie Stackhouse and True Blood song and dance.

I have to admit that I loved the books much more than TV series. I did not even watched all episodes. The books I found funny, smart, sarcastic, addictive and addictive some more… up to a point (but that a different story for another post)

Once True Blood has run its course, we were given gorgeous guys and girls, immortals and freshly sired, vampires and werewolves all residing in a very small American town…

Elena… well, I guess it’s a story for another post.

However, the point I am trying to make is that The Vampire Diaries and The Originals are way less scarier and less adrenalin filled than even True Blood was.

The Originals, for instance, is all about Family, relationships, betrayals and complications. It’s all about lost and found love, and happily never after. Michaelsons, even fanged up, are gorgeous guys and a girl. Hayley and the pack are gorgeous and gracious animals. Flying, jumping, scaling, compelling – are all superpowers of a new age superhero rather than monster….

At the end of the day, it is all about love and belonging, isn’t it…



Buffy and Angel franchise. Vampires became lovable. I felt sorry for Angel. My heart ached for Spike. Vampires and monsters of all sorts became… ‘human’???

They were given a back story, feelings, emotions, loves and losses. They were redeemed in many ways and in millions eyes.

Then, came the real trend – Twilight Saga. Wi

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