Book Review for NetGalley – Murder in Crimson Velvet (Bridal Shop Mystery #2) by Karen Sue Walker

cover117290-medium.png Murder in Crimson Velvet

What’s worse than a demanding diva? A dead one! Max Walters has her hands full with her job in a bridal salon when she’s called upon to help with the costumes at Crystal Shores Playhouse. When an actress confides she’s afraid for her life, Max doesn’t take her seriously until the actress ends up dead. Is it a tragic accident as everyone is meant to believe, or is it really murder? With her friend and assistant Keiko, Max searches for the truth. Will she find it? Or will a murderer go free? 


Did I swear off cozy mysteries? If I did, I am taking my oath back… for now.

A very lovely and soft read Murder in Crimson Velvet

And this time around, I will look for the book #1 in the series.

I loved the characters, all of them. From the main heroine to her animated friend Keiko to the mysterious tea lady and Josie the cat.

The setting, the characters and narrative all make for a nice cup of tea with cookies.

Yes, there is a murder. But there are costumes and Shakespeare play, love and bridal dresses, jokes and pastrami sandwiches.

This book is a book to rest your eyes, ears, brain and heart.

It will not get your heart rate up or down. It will not get the adrenaline pumping. But it will give you a so needed breather and distraction from every day and mundane


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