Cancer Cancel and Vice Versa

A few month ago I came across this article You May Want To Marry My Husband by Amy Kruse Rosenthal

No wonder the word cancer and cancel look so similar

and it took me. It took me and turned me and twisted me and turned me upside down and inside out.

I know what this woman means. I know what she is going through. I know what she is facing and how overwhelming it all is.

It is hard for those who are left behind. I know that too. But it is millions times harder for those who get to leave.

  • they don’t see their daughters getting married
  • they don’t see their grandkids’ first steps
  • they don’t get to see the next season snow
  • they don’t get to pig out and binge watch Game of Thrones or Miss Fisher…

I remember one day, when I was about fifteen my mum wanted to do an experiment. She asked me to write on a piece of paper what I want to accomplish in a year, in five years and then in 10 years.

I sat down and I wrote and I wrote. When my mum read my notes, she laughed. ‘You are to young’, she said.

Yes, I was too young, too naive, too brave and too invincivle.

Now, at 43 I am invincible for very different reasons. I know how precious and short life is. I know what it means to know that I might not get to.. This made me invincible and not suseptible to many evils of this world…

Cancer does cancel a lot of good things, but it cancels out a lot of bad, unnecessary, useless things and rubbish in one’s life. Cancer makes precious moments even more precious. It enlarges and expands, crystalises moments, actions, words and people.

And if it (“C”) does turn our live around and upside down and inside out, why don’t we let it to do in such a way that makes whatever time we have the best time we ever have, every minute of it…




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