Wish You Were Here by Sheridan Jobbins – I will never look at my tea cups the same way again…

cover114232-medium.png Wish You Were Here

‘In this moment I am perfect. I am free to be whoever I want, and all I want to be is a woman in a red spotty dress, speeding into her future in a shiny red car.’

Raw, sharply funny and heartfelt, Wish You Were Here is a girl’s own adventure with bite, a hilarious rollercoaster ride that will make you itch to escape the everyday and hit the road with this irresponsible and irresistible adventurer. Reeling from the devastating collapse of her marriage to the man she thought was the love of her life, after a late night enjoying smashing all her china a little too much Sheridan Jobbins decides she needs to do something drastic to save her sanity. Her solution is to buy a hot red car and drive across America. Hopelessly unprepared and heartbroken, she sets out on the road trip of a lifetime determined to find herself – and ironically finds love instead. But not before she has a whole bunch of crazy adventures and wrong turns along the way. Every woman with a heart and a sense of humour will want jump on board this unforgettable ride – and it’s the best antidote for anyone who’s ever had her heart broken and thought she might not survive.

What can I say? How can I sum up this book in one phraze?

It (reading it) made me miss my train stop several times

I do not read non-fiction 

I hardly ever read not-fiction or memoirs. I only started lately and only because I know the authors personally and they seem like interesting and exciting people to me. The reason behind choosing Wish You Were Here to read and review was a simple one: Australian author, Australian story, marriage breakup, finding oneself… – it all seemed all too close to home. Been there, done that…

What I did not expect was a sparkling mix of humour, wisdom, soul searching, life mistakes and life lessons. I did not expect a conversation. I did not expect author to talk to her reader, to talk to me.

To sum up the story, Wish You Were Here is a tale of adventure: a woman dropping her life in Sydney and travelling across US, stopping in London, mostly on her own. She meets a lot of different people on her way. Each and every one of them teach her a lesson or lead her to discover something new about her self. It’s a story of travel in and out, if I can be so deep and vague.

Wish You Were Here is a story of grieving as well. It is a story of marriage breakup. Moreover, it is a story of a world crashing on one single person – a woman. It is when known and comfortable no longer exists and you do not know how to live beyond that. You try and stumble, fall and get up again. You break all the china in your house. You take unexpected turns and hope for the best… hope for the pain to go away and for the truth to reveal itself. You take a trip across the US in a red shiny car on a shoestring budget on your own or with people you barely know.

Hurray, but above all Wish You Were Here is the story of LOVE. It is a story of losing love and finding love. It is a journey from self-pity and hatred to love and inclusion. It is a story of broken china and new  harlequin china service (this is a story onto itself)

Oh, Gosh, I fill like writing a whole big thesis on this book. However, I think I will stop right here. I will keep all the quotes that I have written down and I will buy a book at the Melbourne Writers Festival… And what do you know, I might even get it signed by the author herself.



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