Puzzle me out – Book Review for NetGalley – The Cairo Puzzle by Laurence O’Bryan

cover119339-medium.pngThe Cairo Puzzle

The underground hall is lined with pillars. At one end there’s a statue of Isis. At the other, a statue of Osiris. In the middle there is a pool. Around it a dark shadow moves. A scream breaks the silence.

The shadow is red from the blood it has gorged on. Who will be next? 

When Isabel Sharp visits Cairo to search for her missing husband, she begins by visiting a hospital, which took in an American. But she’s arrived at the wrong moment. A new mass uprising is being crushed in Tahrir Square. The next day an Egyptian billionaire announces a spectacular discovery at the Great Pyramid. Hoping that he can answer her questions, Isabel meets him. 

Driven by her desperation, she ends up deep in the desert, at a camp run by the Muslim Brotherhood. They kill her driver, and then they ask her to carry out one simple task. They will lead her to Sean if she does it. 

She has to find out what they know, but she also has to stop their murderous plans. The secret of the Great Pyramid is the final part of the puzzle that her and Sean have been trying to unravel for years. And in a fabled hall, believed by almost all to be an ancient myth, she discovers the deadly ancient secret that turns shadows red. 

She comes face to face with a force that knows nothing of mercy, but which inspired the founders of Christianity. 

Fans of Dan Brown, James Rollins and Wilbur Smith will be gripped by this page-turning thriller, guaranteed to keep you reading late into the night. 

If you loved Dan Brown and Professor Langdon, this book is for you. If you like mysteries, symbology, mythology and history drenched in blood, sweat and tears of those who made it (history that is), this is definitely book for you. If you love conspiracy theories, spies and double agents, have a read, you will not be disappointed.

The Cairo Puzzle has everything from desert sand to mutant ants, from old horrible but mega-rich narcissistic psychopaths to true love that conquers all.

The story feels like a huge sandstorm brewing. It is hot and muggy, overwhelming and ‘almost there’. The suspension is amazing. The revelation is subtle. Reader is left to make her/his own choices as to who is the bad guy.

A lot of claims and assumptions made in this book. I read it for the sake of the story and did not get myself involved in history and politics. This way, the books is a very enjoyable and adrenaline-stirring read.

In my view, The Cairo Puzzle is a love story at its best and worst. It’s a story of a women with mixed up priorities (in my view motherhood comes above all) but with a very clear and set goal – to find her missing husband. She goes through hell and back many times (some for the times literary) to get him back and she wins. She meets a lot of obstacles on the way. And when a reader starts thinking that this is it, the next obstacle is impossible to overcome, the main heroine surprises the reader and marches on.

I guess this is the only way.

Get yourself puzzled.

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