No words to describe – Book Review for NetGalley – The Sun Shines Brightest at Midnight

cover118646-medium.png The Sun Shines Brightest at Midnight

When golden haired Gloria was sold to an old man with no teeth so that her family could eat, she wanted to die. When he sold her as a slave, her life truly began. This is the saga of the multi-cultural, multi-racial family she began, which spans over 250 years and covers the globe. Celebrate the resilience of the human spirit and the American dream. See America as a cornucopia rather than melting pot, where differences are celebrated and one is not forced to be the same, thus invoking a rainbow of color in a dreary world


I understand that there are some hits and some misses when it comes to just about everything in our lives. But I still get frustrated and angry when a miss happens.

This (above) was one of the most misleading book descriptions I have ever come across. I chose this book for the cover and description… I was mislead. I was a full.

There are so many people and even more stories. Those stories have no beginning and no end. People and situations have hardly any backstories… There are African warriors and Indian Princesses, Irish girls with Russian names and Jewish girls with slaves. There are whites and coloured people. There is God (he is everywhere… with no apparent reason). There is Satan… (by the way, it is SHE in this book… once again, for no apparent reason).

I really struggled with this book. I did not understand it at all. I could not find a single charachter that I liked and wanted to follow the story of. I did not find all the joys and ‘cornucopia’ as was promised by book’s description. What I did find, was a very disjointed patchwork of words.

Unfortunately, this book is 1 STAR only and a waste of time…

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