Way too good to be true – Book Review for NetGalley – Kissing Hollywood by Monica Collier


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Alexandria Casey, thirty-five, just had a reality check. Life didn’t go as she expected once she said ‘I do.’ After her divorce, Alex meets someone new. He’s twenty-eight, British, a television star, and determined to make her notice him. She would rather hide from the paparazzi and the microscope they bring upon his personal life. Will she give in to his pursuit and learn to love once more?


I must be really jaded. I must be a cynic through and through. This book was too sweet for me to be believable.

Kissing Hollywood is a very sweet love story with the happiest of endings. It is a book written by women for women, about ‘what women want’. It is a kind of ‘script for happiness, joy and bliss’. The book has everything from the colour of an apron to the temperature of wine room, to the cut of diamond in the ring.

The main character is a super woman in a ‘girl next door’ disguise. She knows knows everything and can do anything. She is super professional in everything she does. She can make friends with the worst enemies. She can cook a dinner for two or for the whole army. She can decorate a mansion and speak French…

On top of everything else, this sweet story is a Christian Romance. I think I did not see that in the description. I must have been not paying attention. Now I know that Christian Romance is not my cup of tea. The name of God brought into the story accidentally, incidentally and  out of context, for my liking.

Yes, it is a good fairy tale for girls and women who still believe in love. Yes, it is a ‘day dreaming written out’ – like when you start dreaming about your own happiest ever after… and then get bored and may be even worried that your dreams are too prescriptive, to complex and too one-dimensional to ever become a reality.

All in all, three stars for the happy ending… that’s all.

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