And they lived… – 19 Souls by J.D.Allen – Book Review for NetGalley

cover117181-medium.png 19 Soul

Private Investigator Jim Bean is a straightforward, to-the-point man. When his latest client, Sophie Evers, asks him to find her brother Daniel, Jim has no idea how complicated his life is about to become.

Daniel is not Sophie’s brother. He is her most coveted prey. Clinging to the belief that they belong together, Sophie kills Daniel’s real sister to manipulate Jim into flushing Daniel out of hiding. She will create the “perfect life” for the only man she’s ever loved, no matter how many people she must kill along the way.

When Jim discovers the truth about Sophie, he’s driven to set things right before her delusional plan claims even more souls.


You know, sometimes it can be really spookie how a book you are reading hits the spot, pinches a nerve or even pulls a plug on something that is going on in your own real life…

19 Souls is one of those books. Why? It’s a secret. What is not a secret is my 4 stars for this book.

Likeable characters: from the PI to his Viet Nam veteran sidekick to the Lady Fed and cat Annie – they are all people I would not mind to meet and get to know. And a real bitch of a nutcase for the main villain. She is a real nutcase, certified.

The plot is a good one as well: a love story that was never meant to be turned into a thrilling chase for the prize for some and for life for others.

19 souls have been taken for the sake of made-believe happily ever after. There should have been a point in the story when reader could have felt sorry for the bad girl… Nope, there was not one.

Easy read. Great suspense. However, it was all wrapped up pretty loosely. There are some hanging threads and wrapping paper. So, there will be more? More to come?

I hope…. nope, spoilers are not my thing

Have a read. Join the ride.

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