Honourable Miss Fisher presiding – Queen of the Flowers (Miss Phryne Fisher #14) by Kerry Greenwood – Book review for Netgalley

18999825.jpg Queen of the Flowers

With more than a dash of glamour and serious helpings of style, the witty and courageous Miss Fisher returns.

In 1928 St Kilda’s streets hang with fairy lights. Magic shows, marionettes, tea dances, tango competitions, lifesaving demonstrations, lantern shows, and picnics on the beach are all part of the Flower Parade.

And who else should be chosen to be Queen of the Flowers but the gorgeous, charming and terribly fashionable Hon Phryne Fisher? Phryne needs a new dress and a swimming costume but she also needs a lot of courage to confront her problems: a missing daughter, the return of an old lover, and a young woman found drowned at the beach at Elwood.

‘Kerry Greenwood is one of Australia’s leading writers of mystery fiction . . . Miss Fisher is a remarkable and engaging creature who can solve whodunnits as easily as if she were the naughty niece of Miss Marple’ – Sydney Morning Herald

‘Greenwood’s prose has a dagger in its garter; her hero is raunchy and promiscuous in the best sense’ – Weekend Australian

‘Fisher, a feisty sophisticate of the 1920s whose honour lies with the greater good. She’s all class and intelligence: a seductive creature with a great wardrobe.’ Australian Style


A seductive creature with a great wardrobe, Private Detective Miss Phryne Fisher does everything and only things she likes. She lives her dreams and dreams for more. She is exciting and dashing, invincible and loveable. Phryne translates French poetry and rides horses, fires a gun and suffers through dress fittings.

Oh, my, Phryne Fisher.

1846824Now, back to the story at hand. If you are Phryne’s TV series fan, you’d seen ‘Queen of The Flowers’ episode. But, my advice to you, read the book. The book is way better and more complex and entertaining than the TV episode.

This installment of Miss isher’s adventure has everything, from missing child, to long lost father, pedophiles and shifty grandfathers, betrayals, deaths and… well flowers.

Miss Fisher comes back to dazzle us with her talents in and out of boudoir. She is so good at everything she does nobody can blame her for ‘bending corners’…

Honourable Miss Fisher is presiding once again.

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