2017 has been and gone

Dear Diary,

2017 has been and gone. We are already half-way through 1st January 2018. It seems that everyone is writing reports, reviews, observations and draws conclusions from the year it’s been and is making plans for the future 364 days.

I will not do such a thing. I do not think it is necessary, needed or appropriate. As one famous Russian politician said just now on TV (Russian New Year TV progrms) ‘2017 has been and gone. There will be 2018, 2019 and so on. So let’s leave 2017 in the past with a ligth heart and move on’. Yes, let’s. Let’s move on.

I stopped making New Year wishes a long time ago. There was no reason. I simply grew up. I stopped making New Year resolutions as well. I never keep them. I forget. I stopped making plans for a year ahead. I simply take it a day at a time. It’s been working so far.

So, my New Year wish or pearl of wisdom to all of you would be ‘enjoy every moment of every day’. Do not measure your lives with strict markers or targets. It’s limiting.

Read only the books that are interesting. Eat only the food that is good for you and yummy. Wear only the clothes you like. Go to the places where you feel yourself. Talk to the people that are interesting, kind and encouraging. Sleep well and dream more.

And 2018, please send us health and strength, patience and wisdom. Keep all our loved ones. And protect us from all the evil of this world…. Not much, ha)))

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