It’s dangerous business, wedding business – Book Review for NetGalley – Someone’s Mad at the Hatter by Sandra Bretting

34184254 Someone’s Mad at the Hatter

Missy DuBois’s Louisiana hat studio is the destination for Southern brides who want to make a fashion statement. But designing headpieces isn’t her only talent, she’s also got a head for solving murders . . .

It’s not uncommon for folks to live it up a little too much on New Year’s Eve. But when Missy walks into her parking lot at Crowning Glory on New Year’s Day and discovers professional wedding planner Charlotte Deveraux inside a whiskey barrel, the poor woman isn’t just hung over . . . she’s dead. Since the murder weapon was an old hat stand that belonged to Missy, her customers are cancelling appointments and everyone in town seems to be turning up their noses at her. Despite plenty of intrigue to motivate a hatful of suspects, suspicion keeps falling squarely on Missy. All the more reason to clear her name—or the next veil she designs will come in a shade of black . . .


If only Missy have eaten lucky black eyed peas at New Year breakfast, if only.

No, I am not mad and am definitely not Mad Hatter. I am giving out a spoiler, oops.

What can I say? I enjoyed this light, easy and comfortable read. It is very nice and proper. Even baddies in this story are beautiful and well spoken with Southern drawl.

A very jaded me kept guessing as to who the perpetrator was throughout the narration. I even thought it was main charachter’s beau Bo. I suspected… well, a number of people. So, the truth was really unexpected and quite accidental for me.

Someone’s Mad at the Hatter is a very nice New Year cosy mystery. There is a murder. But there is so much of wedding dresses, veils, cakes, brides and diamond rings that murder… pales in comparison.

All in all, it is a very dangerous business, wedding business. It is cut-throat if you ask me.

Yes, it is not the first novel in the series. But not to worry. It is all easy to follow through.

A very nice read for after the holiday season.

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