Nothing cozy about this manor – Book review for NetGalley – Importance of Being Urnest by Sandra Balzo


Importance of Being Urnest: A Coffee House Cozy (Maggy Thorsen Mystery #10)

Maggy confronts a number of mysterious deaths and has an important decision to make about her future with Sheriff Jake Pavlik in the new Maggy Thorsen coffeehouse mystery.

The choice of an antique silver coffee urn as the final resting place for elderly Celeste Bouchard’s ashes might seem a cruel joke. After all, the wealthy boutique owner was taken ill and died while daughter Hannah was off having lattes at Uncommon Grounds. But Maggy Thorsen, the coffeehouse’s owner, has more pressing things on her mind: a jail break and subsequent shoot-out has forced her main squeeze, Sheriff Jake Pavlik, to take refuge with her.

And Maggy has a serious decision to make: marriage or not? And with an escaped convict still on the loose, Maggy suddenly has a difficult and dangerous puzzle to solve


What do you get if you mix together good coffee house, a sheep dog, retirement village, Botox and sheriff? You’d get a recipe for disaster or for murder or two, or three.

There is nothing cozy about this Manor in a small town. People are dying and disappearing left, right and center. Suspicions are mounting. Evidence is disappearing. Coffee gets cold. Love and relationships get hot.

I have no read all the previous books in the series, but I think the same characters, the same author’s tendency to play with words to get the most of irony and wit out of the dialogues would be a joy to read.

All in all, I’d like to visit this coffee house and eavesdrop on the conversations and goings on in there.

Read on the train. Read on the beach. Read at the cafe. Enjoy

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