New Year Morning Conversation

Dear Diary,

What does happen on New Year Morning? Does the world change? Do the clouds swim differently across the sky? Do trees sway in a new fashion in the summer wind? Is the wind new? Is it the wind of change?

Morning-Sun-HD-Wallpapers-3 - Copy.jpg

Conversation like this is as good as any on the New Year Morning.

I was walking my dog on 1st January 2018 and was trying to think if I felt any different to last night. I did not. Not at all.

1st January was just another day. Another morning, another sunrise and sunset. It is all calendar’s doing to remind us that we opened a page into a new year. The world around us did not change.

Once again, I was reminded that is it not up to calendar, leave schedule, plans and milestones to mean something to us. It is up to us.

In other words, summer can be anywhere anytime, New Year can be anytime. That ever-growing ‘pile to be read’ can be read anytime you actually decided it and not on your long-awaited leave.

Have yourself a New Year every time you start something new: a new project, a new trend, a new habit. Have yourself some summer every time you get away from routine and mundane and travel somewhere (or have yourself some winter, autumn, spring – whatever is your fancy). Read your books now, because you will be too busy or too tired on your leave to even remember to do it.

Do everything NOW.



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