Day 3 – Weird things you do when you’re alone

Dear Diary,

I had a bit of a break. To tell you the truth I had one horrible headache over the weekend and could not even think, let alone think about blogging.

However, I did not forget my promise to myself and my readers. I will soldier on.

Here is DAY 3

Weird things you do when you are alone

I talk to myself

As far back as I can remember myself, I do talk to myself… out loud. I used to imagine and play out whole complex scenarios with princesses and their kingdom. My parents used to leave me by myself a lot. I was my own compay. I did the best I could.

Even now, I talk to myself when I am alone. I let my imagination run wild and construct hundreds of scenes and episodes. Some of them end up in my writing. Some stay in my head…

I play online games

Yeah, I do. At this time I have several on my mobile phone. I build cities and gardens, play word games and puzzles. I use these games for the opportunity switch my brain off.


Come to think of it, I must be a weird person as I do not have much weirdness in me… Well, there is always another day


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