Day 4 – List 10 things you would tell your 16 year-old self, if you could

Dear Diary,

Here is the post that resonates with me on many levels.

My daughter is 16 now. And whatever I would tell my 16 year-old-self I would love to tell her and I do, every day.

me 16

However, if I had an opportunity to talk to myself now, I would have said:

  1. Do not regret anything
  2. Do not live by ‘what if’
  3. People never fail to disappoint you
  4. Keep your secrets secret
  5. Do not be afraid
  6. Dream
  7. Go for it
  8. Just do it
  9. I love you
  10. I trust you

All in all, I would have said

I would not change anything

I am lucky enough and am blessed to have a chance to re-live 16 years old


I hope I can do it… again (not better, not different, but just do it)


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