Day 6 – 5 Pet Peeves

Dear Diary,

I am becoming a constantly-complaining, ever disclosing, too open and perpetually writing lady. Haven’t you noticed?

Today is DAY 6 of my writing challenge and it is all about Pet Peeves.

As we grow older we get more and more of them. They are like age spots or wrinkles or grey hairs. We grow older. We grow tired, I guess.

I never thought I could count up to five.

Here they are

5 Pet Peeves

1. Dripping Tap

dripping tap

Isn’t it annoying? Like really? And on top of all its annoyance every dripping tap has an amazing feature – you can hear it rooms away. You can hear it in the middle of the night.

I absolutely have to get up and tighten the annoying tap

2. Slurping


Can you imagine anything worse? Slurping noodles. Slurping soup. Slurping tea

Oh, my Gosh, I am shivering just thinking about it

3. Creaking doors

creaking door

Do I need to expand?

We’ve had an acute case of creaking doors in our house the other day. It was so bad that my step-dad gave in and fixed it (He never ever fixes anything)

4. Chewed up pen

chewing on a pen

I have to confess, I used to be a chewing-pencil-addict when I first started school. My parents could not turn me off this annoying habbit. They used all sorts of yukky stuff to cover my pens and pencils. I cringed but chewed on.

Now, I absolutely can’t stand people chewing pens. Can you imagine touching that pen afterwards? Yuuuk

5. Men touching themselves

This one is so ugly and disgusting, I have to close my eyes to write it up.

I used to have a friend whose husband did this ALL THE TIME. He did it talking. He did it walking. He did it in front of his family and people on the street, men or women.

I’ve seen men do that after that, but he was the worst…

To think of it, is it annoying to men when women touch their hair? cleavage?

Let me know)))

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