Day 8 – 5 Places you want to visit

Dear Diary,

We are moving along quite smoothly on this adventure of mine – 30 Days Writing Challenge

I am up to day 8.

Yesterday, I decided to have a break. I did not write a post, neither I even thought of one. Yesterday was St.Valentine Day.

To keep things fresh, my daughter and I went to see 30 Years Anniversary – Heathers.

Well, it is about love, isn’t it))).

Anyhow, today is the day for the next post.

Here is to DAY 8

5 Places you want to visit

1. Greek Islands


2. Italy


3. Scotland


4. USA


5. Czech Republic


Come to think of it, there much more than 5 places on this planet that I would love to visit. However, these five are the most thought of by me (and in no particular order)

Some day


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