Day 9 – 10 people who influenced you

Dear Diary,

Here is to DAY 9.

We live. We learn. We learn some more or we do not. We watch people. They watch us.

We are end product of all of this and so much more.

Here are

10 People who influenced me

My Mum

This is understandable. She carried me next to her heart fo 9 month. She brought me into this world. She is my MUM. She is my Motherland and my Planet. She is my best friend.

Growing up I wanted to look like her, to be like her. Growing up I was dead scared of my mum getting old. Now I am mum and I am like her in so many ways…

My Step-Dad

Well, this funny name dropped into my life when I was 9. We had a bit of everything between us. Now we have Victoria (my daughter). She is his granddaughter. She has taken after my step-dad in so many ways, it is funny. I guess, in our family, genetics is air-borne.

My step-dad taught me responsibility. He taught me persistence and perserverance. Now I am teaching all these things back to him.

My Dad

My dad is half of my DNA. I was his carbon copy when I was a kid. His coldness and cruelty gave me my back-bone. Thanks to him I know how to ‘deal with it’. Thanks to him I know what not to say and do to my child, ever.

My Granddad

Dad’s dad was the best grandfather I could ever had. He gave me the love for home, land and everything in between. He taught me to look after it all. He taught me to read people.

Also, like my mum, he always reminded me (by his actions) that home is my base and my haven.

My Grandma

My Dad’s mum was such a big part of my life growing up. She was the other half of my Planet. I trusted her. We had a special connection.

That is why her betrayal was the hardest. Once a vey close person betrays you, you start to reconsider what is it about you that is so wrong…. Well, there is nothing wrong with me. And it was my grandmother who taught me that as well.

My First Boyfriend

My wonderful, amazing, tall as a Baltic pine golden-haired boy taught me the price of love, betrayal and long-distance relationships. He taught me that nothing lasts forever.

My Best Friend ever

Well, she taught me a lot of things. Things that I mostly do not to repeat nor follow. She taught me a universal truth: friendship ends when man interferes.

We were so close, so very close, most of the time we did not even know where one finished and another started. We wore the same clothes. We read the same books. Until a boy happened to us.

My friend taught me not to trust girlfriends, to hold them at a distance. She taught me not to trust boys either. I am eternally thankful.

My Husband

This man has taught me so many things, it took me years to pull myself back together again.

I am grateful to him for all the lessons I have learnt while with him. But most importantly, I am grateful for the biggest gift of all – MY VICTORYa

My Daughter

My Miracle. My Gift. My Victory. My greatest achievement.
She taught me strength. She taught me to hope and dream again. She gave me unconditional love and future. She gave me life.

My Grandma

My mum’s biggest lesson to me, probably, is ‘to take it easy’, ‘to do only the things you like when you like’.

As it turns out there are positive and negative influences in my life. They all chipped in into building a person I am now. There are much more people and lessons in my life than 10. But these are the most important.

We live. We learn. We burn. We fly. We live.

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