Day 11 – If I were an animal…

Dear Diary,

I am up to DAY 11 in my writing challenge to myself.

It’s been exciting and … difficult so far. It has been difficult to keep up with the schedule and the regularity of it. Post-a-day is not as easy to do, especially if you are full-time working mum/daughter.

Anyhow, today is DAY 11

What animal would I be?

Well, this one is easy.

Ever since I remember myself I wanted to be a shape-shifter into… Black Panther

d8a75468800cfbf4a50de440f4ad1961Why? The answer is easy too – Bagheera or Багира (in Russian). I absolutely loved the Soviet animated film Mowgly  and Bagheera was amazing.

For one, Bagheera was a woman. Second, she was so sleek, wise and wicked, even being a very little girl I was attracted to all her traits and powers.


Plus, the actor who did Bagheera’s voice added to the overall magic of the animal.

Thus, if I ever turn into an animal, I would love to come back as Panther

They are everything and so much more.

  • They are fast
  • They are sneaky
  • They are black
  • They are feline
  • They are gorgeous
  • They are nimble
  • They are powerful
  • They are royalty
  • They are furry and soft
  • They have long claws
  • They are MUMS

The list can go on and on


My fascination with panther went as far as my poetry. I have started and almost finished a compilation – Seasons (autumn, winter, spring) in life of Queen of the Jungle, The Panther.  (the poetry is in Russian Language)

However, for the life of me, I can not write Summer part of this compilation. My Queen cannot settle…

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