Almost HP reunion – Finding Your Feet – movie review


The Feel-Good Film of the year

Well, it is. It is amazingly good. It is kind, warm, cuddly. You will laugh a lot. You will cry a bit. You will aaawwh and ouuuch. You will nod your head quite a bit too.

So, get your friends together, or like me, take your mum. Take your mum, buy sparkling prosecco and hold hands (unless you are covering your mouth with your hand as you do not believe what is happening on the screen)

First of all, Finding Your Feet is some sort of Harry Potter reunion. You will see Imelda Saunton (horrible pink lady Dolores Umbridge) and Timothy Spall (death eater Peter Pettigrew) and two of my favourite Comedy actresses Joanna Lumley of Absolutely Fabulous fame and Celia Imrie (The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel).

But I guess that is where fairy tale ends (similarity to HP). The movie is a very real story about life, love for life, regrerts, loss and betrayal. All human feelings and emotions are presented in this movie with comedy, dancing and shredding tennis tropheys (spoiler).

A story as old as this world: a cheating husband, estranged sisters, a chance at happiness, an unexpected loss and even more unexpected find.

As I have said, you will laugh and you will cry. You will see yourself and your friends in the characters on film. You will nod and jump in support of the heroine.

Go watch the movie. And do not forget to ‘take the leap of faith’





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