Day 16 – Lazy Saturday

Dear Diary

You would understand me when I say that I wait for the weekend all five workdays. It comes, the weekend, and goes so quickly that I am very sad to see it go. Then, I wait again.

Every week I plan so much for the weekend. But it is either rain or unbearable heat, or a migrane or some stuff my daughter needs to do… It is always something.

Today was one of those crazy days. I am sitting in my study now and watchin… Rear Window


Why? I just read The Woman in the Window and this movie was mentioned in the novel several times (It is so very much like the novel). There were many other movies mentioned in the novel (watch my blog space). All of them old American dramas, thrillers and crime dramas. I guess, I have a long movie list waiting for me.

Sometimes, just sometimes, I am tired enough to watch other people watching other people… Call me wicked…



3 thoughts on “Day 16 – Lazy Saturday

  1. I’ve seen that movie with James Stewart and Grace Kelly so many times! Here in Sicily the TV people have no imagination, they keep repeating the same old movies over and over!

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