Day 20 – What if I had a SUPERPOWER

Dear Diary,

I am trying. I really am trying to stay on top of the writing challenge schedule and write a post every day. However, as we all know, ‘life happens to us when we are busy making other plans’. Something always interferes.

Today I chose topic for DAY 20. It is all about wishful thinking, daydreaming magic. It is about superpowers

If I had a superpower, what would it be.

This made me think. And think again. And think some more.

Would I want to be invisible? No, not really. Everyone is invisible at some point in their lives. We are invisible to the people we love, need, miss, aching for. We are invisible to our children when they are in their ‘I am against the world’ stage. We are invisible to idiots on the roads, to bosses, to people in cafes, stores… You name it. So, why would I want to be invisible?

Would I want to be able to fly? I just might want to be able to fly. Bu no, this is not it.

Being able to shape-shift into an animal, a panther in my case, is not the ideal superpower for me either. All the X-Men superpowers are of no interest to me.

What I really wanted to be able is to NEVER GROW UP. I wanted this as far back as I can remember myself.

The reason? The reason is simple. I did not want my mum and my grandmother to get old. I used to get on the bed, reach for mum and hold her head close to my chest. I would close my eyes and wish and pray that my mummy would never get old.

Now, being an adult and having lost so many loved ones in a very quick succession, all I really want is for my mum to be healthy, strong and full of life as she’s always been.

If I ever to have a superpower may it be being able to stretch the time…

castle in the clouds

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