Day 21 – Dream Date

Dear Diary,

I was driving my daughter to Russian School this morning and was thinking up a post. I wanted to write something hard an heavy and life-affirming or dismantling, along the lines of ‘shards of independence’. I wanted to write something about how sick and damaged our world is that it takes so much for a woman to be strong and independent and so little for someone to break this feeling of power and security to shards… But I decided against it. I decided who cares.

So my today’s post will be about IDEAL DATE.

Here is to DAY 21 of my writing challenge

I can write a whole article on ‘best 5 first dates’ (and I’ve already done so for one of the online publications). I can think up millions of ways to romance and woo that I like or I think I like. BUT

I wholeheartedly agree with Nina from The Memory Shop when she says that all the grand romantic gestures (trips to Venice and weekends away at exclusive spa resorts) are nothing comparing to walk in rain and storm along a pier with THE RIGHT PERSON…

Thus, my ideal date would be not a place but a person

It does not matter where you go. It does not matter what you do. It could be as simple as ‘movie and ice cream’ or as complicated as exhibition of Monet and dinner at some fine establishment. It absolutely does not matter.

Find YOUR person

And you will find ‘your cafe’, ‘your beach’, ‘your song’ and may be, just may be ‘your bookshop

разбитое сердце 2
Find your own way to mend a broken heart. Find YOUR person

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