Day 22 – 3 Memories from childhood

Dear Diary,

Day 22 is something. It is Sunday, for one. It was the day I spent in the city with my daughter. It is a day for being mum to 16 year old…. NO WAY. It is for being 16 year old

I think I’ve mentioned in one of my post that I never wanted to grow beyond 16. Well, this statement remains true throughout my life.

DAY 22 in my writing challenge will be just about that: Childhood and… memories

3 Memories from Childhood

Bunny from the telegramm


Once upon a time… I was four of five then. It was my birthday. Mum was getting ready for the guests to arrive. I was being a nuisance, of course. So, my mum found a solution…

My grandma sent me a telegram with bunny on the picture. So my mum found a solution. She told me to wait for this bunny. This bunny will come and bring me those flowers (as per picture) and a big present.

Can you imagine, I waited for this bunny the whole day. I ran to the door every time lift stopped on our floor. I ignored my guests and their presents as I was waiting for the bunny….

He never came


Shoulder rides from my dad


When I was a kid my dad used to go to flying club in Saint-Petersburg region – Lysiy Nos. I loved going with him. However, there was a long walk from the train station to the club (in the middle of nowhere), around 15 km. So, the agreement between dad and me was, I walk some of it and he carries me on his shoulders the rest of the way…

I walked very fast)))

Never-ending summers


The best memories from my childhood are all about summers. Summers in Riga and summers in Tiraspol, Black Sea and Baltic Sea, strawberries and cherries, Ligo and Harvest. There were lots and lots of friends, games, troubles and adventures. There were a lot of sun, sea, air. There were scraped knees and stitches on wounds, broken hearts and oaths of never ending friendship. There were White Nights of Baltics and Black Nights of Moldova.

The best memories ever.


P.S. By the time I came home from the city I was beyond exhausted. Thus, my writing challenge calendar is out of whack yet again..

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