Day 23 – My Hobbies

Dear Diary,

Today I am sharing my ‘home stuff’. Today I am writing about things that make my life flow, content and cozy. There are a few things that helped me keep my sanity through horrific times in my life. There are things that I do because I want to make my daughter happy (for her and for my mum – anything).

Here we go. MY HOBBIES (some of them)

Embroidery (cross-stitch mostly)


I have tens of different kits still waiting their turn. I love seeing something come out of different colour threads. It is almost magic


When I feel on the brink of insanity, I do puzzles. When I feel beyond exhaustion, I do puzzles. They are, like crime novels, bring order to my life and help my brain to switch off.

Anything and everything for my daughter

Today we like Monster High, tomorrow it will be Lala Loopsies, and then it will be Winx turn.

We went though all the girls-marketing-popculture stages. We have them all (dolls and merchandise). But it is never enough.

Mum (me) has to make curtains and bed linen to match. And cushions, we absolutely must have cushions.

I love doing all this stuff. I hardly have time to nowadays. One day…


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