Day 24 – What never fails to make me happy

Dear Diary,

This is DAY 24 (so to speak) of my writing challenge. And today’s topic – HAPPINESS.

We all heard a lot of new-age stuff about ‘don’t sweat small stuff’ or ‘little pleasures’. Well, I am all for it, not sweating and finding happiness in little things. Coffee, clouds, blue sky, flowers, accidental nice gestures from strangers – I am all for it and more.

However, what never fails to make me happy, to bring a smile to my face no matter where I am and what I am doing is REALISATION THAT I AM MOTHER, THAT I HAVE A LITTLE (NOT SO LITTLE ANYMORE) PERSON THAT I’VE CREATED.

My life is full of such moments.


I will not change the course of my life for anything…. I wanted her and I have her. My biggest gift, present, Victory, miracle.

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