Day 26 – 5 Favourite Movies

Dear Diary,

Today is the day to write about my 5 favourite movies (movies that I love and love to watch over and over again), in no particular order.

  • D’Artagnian and Threee Musketeers

мои любимые

This is my all-time favourite. I watched it as it first came out. Then, a few years later and again, and again. Then, I watched it with my daughter, and again, and again.

There are sequels to this movie, but they are not as good as the original three-part.

The story is world-known. The actors are the best there were in the USSR. The music… Well, I still remember all the songs from the movie. The costumes))). All-around the best movie, ever.

  • Bridget Jones

Well, every time I watch it, I laugh at something different. I watch it as much for Bridget’s antics as for Mr Darcy)))

  • Love Actually


My Christmas/New Year movie of my adult life (there was a different set of favourites when I was a kid)

Love is in the air. Love is all around. Love, love. The idea, the timeframe, the actors team… do I need to say more?

  • Holiday


Another Christmas/New Year movie for me. I barrack for Kate Winslet team all the time. Love that girl. But I need to give Jude Law his dues… He is very Christmassy/cozy in this movie.

  • Sherlock (TV series)

I saved the best for last (second best that is). I have already mentioned what Sherlock’s opening credits do for me.

I will repeat myself. I watch Sherlock as much for Cumberbatch, Watson and Moriarty as I do for London. This TV show is the Bailey’s for my soul.

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