Day 27 – What would I say to my EX

Dear Diary

Well, well, well. This topic is a bit auspicious, if you ask me.

It is French Film Festival time in Melbourne. I chose quite a few films that I’d like to watch. One of them – The Exes. I already saw it.

This movie is a very light and bright comedy about exes being not exes, unless they are dead, of course. It is all about love, forgiveness, patience and second chances. It’s nice.



As the opening of the movie goes ‘we all have our exes’… We all have memories, pain, fears and shame that comes with broken relationships and even broken lives… What would we say to our exes if we had a chance? Would we want this chance at all?

I, for one, would never want a chance to see my ex-husband ever again. I wish him well but somewhere on the other planet, hopefully. No distance is big enough…

But hypothetically speaking, if we ever meet or if I ever have to say anything to him it would be… THANK YOU

  • For all the lessons Iearnt from being with you
  • For all the strength I found in myself
  • For all the “I know what I don’t want” that I know now
  • For the person I am not
  • But most importantly, I am eternally thankful to you for my Victoria
  • For letting us go and forgetting about us
  • Did I say thank you for my Daughter? Well, thank you again
  • And for not being part of Victoria’s life


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